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We are a California-owned and operated sustainability-focused start-up formed to promote and facilitate convenient and accessible solutions to increase the collection of recyclable clothing and other textiles.

Impact Goal

Zero Panik aims to bridge the gap by creating a sustainable solution for the further promotion of a circular fashion economy. Through connections and partnerships with innovative, groundbreaking textile processors,
repair specialist, and secondhand shops , we can create a three-dimensional solution.

What we do 

Communities, cities, and towns are faced with the constant challenge of accessible and convenient clothing recycling in the community. Clothing drop-off bins are few and far between in underserved areas and nearly absent in urban neighbors altogether. Lack of convenient access to recycling bins leads to many recyclable materials landing in landfills.

Your impact 

As residents of these communities, we have carefully planned our textile recycling program with the interest of the communities in mind.

When you place our smart bins in your buildings your residents, students, or employees will feel good skipping the trash and placing clothing and other fabrics in our conveniently located textile recycling smart bins.

Helping communities reach their zero waste goals

Zero Waste goals are changing the way we do business. Moving from a disposable mindset to one that values the products we use requires a few key changes to the way we do things.

Promoting brand responsibilty and closed loop manufacturing.

When brands realize their clothing holds value after the first sale. Clothing deserves a second, third, fourth life, through resale and recycling your old clothing can live on.

We are working to reach zero waste goals by 2050

In today's world there is an app for everything! While we can't collect clothing with an app alone we realize the need to convenient and accessible clothing recycling access.

Moving from a linear system to a circular one.

Clothing is not trash, unwanted clothing holds value to someone, let us help your old clothing find its value again.

Textile Waste monthly collection service

Meet the founder
Cristina Trujillo

Cristina Trujillo founded Zero Panik Textile Recycling in 2021 when confronted with a personal challenge that led her down a rabbit hole of global textile waste and she realized "this problem is solvable."

As a Mom, Cristina is committed to finding the most earth-preserving way to discard the clothing that her young family is growing out of at a rapid pace. The problem she discovered is that the only convenient outlet is donation bins and thrift stores but they really only want immediately sellable clothing; not the clothing that is stained or torn. Through research, Cristina discovered through emerging technology there is a way for this clothing to be broken down into original fibers and remade--yet the supply chain between those with the clothing and those doing the recovery is long, buried, or non-existent.

A serial entrepreneur, problem-solver, and leader, Cristina has combined her expertise in data management, information technology, marketing, and business development to initiate a major leap forward for the management of fashion waste. Zero Panik's solution is both simple and revolutionary. Cristina's approach: Solve the convenience problem and make the solution profitable for all stakeholders.

Cristina's motto: Planet Positive Panic Free Solutions

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