Who We Are and How We help

Who We Are and How We help

Who We Are

Zero Panik offers on-site zero-waste textile consulting services for hospitals, hotels, businesses, governments, and property managers in California. While our focus is on helping companies reduce textile waste, we are more than pleased to do a complete evaluation of all your trash and report back areas of concern around proper sorting and disposal practices. Zero Panik will help you not only identify areas of improvement but will also help you establish working KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

How We Help

We aim to bridge the gap between consumers, brands, and repair professionals.

We partner with hospitals, hotels, property managers, local secondhand retailers, brands and retailers, and repair specialists to ensure your contributions never see the landfill.

We distribute your contributions to our partners.

unwanted clothing and textiles

Recycle Old Unwanted Clothing and textiles

We are an organization, committed to working toward a green world by helping each other to recycle more.

Together we can build a better future for all our children.

What about damaged items that cannot be repaired, upcycled, or renewed by your partners? What will happen to those items?

100% material composites like cotton, polyester, silk, and wool will be marketed to textile processors who have the capability to break down the material and turn it into new recycled fabric.

Other collected materials may be upcycled, repaired, sold back to processors or stored until we can partner with one of the newer textile processing firms that have the technology to break down blended fibers and create new recycled fabric.


Become a Volunteer

Volunteer today to make a difference tomorrow.

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