The Textile Recycling Process: From Old Clothes To New Fabric

several images of clothing and a image of a overflowing dumpster
March 14, 2023

Introduction The textile recycling process begins with sorting clothes by fiber type and color. The most common fibers used in textile recycling are cotton, wool, and nylon. Once the clothes are sorted, they are shredded into small pieces. The next step in the textile recycling process is known as chemical processing. In this step, the …

Is Recycling Hospital Linens Worth The Cost?

Is Recycling Hospital Linens Worth The Cost? image of two men smiling and working on a plan.
March 9, 2023

Introduction It’s no secret that the cost of healthcare is rising. In order to offset some of these costs, many hospitals are looking for ways to be more cost-effective. One way that hospitals are doing this is by recycling their linens. Recycling hospital linens has a number of health benefits. It helps to reduce the …

The Surprising Fact About Recycled Cotton Everyone Should Know

graphic of a woman and image of old shredded clothing turned into new fabrics
March 6, 2023

Introduction Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics in the world. It’s used in everything from jeans to T-shirts to mattress covers. But what you may not know is that cotton can also be recycled. Recycled cotton is becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable and eco-friendly fabric choice. And it’s not just for clothing …

The Top 10 Black Fashion Designers Who Are Changing the Industry

American African woman in African inspired clothing
February 20, 2023

Introduction As the fashion industry looks to the future, sustainable fashion is becoming more and more critical. Consumers are becoming more aware of the impact their clothing choices have on the environment, and they are demanding more sustainable options. To meet this demand, a new generation of black fashion designers is emerging. These designers are …

8 Myths About Climate Change That Need To Be Debunked

African American woman wearing green outfit. 8 Myths About Climate Change
February 11, 2023

Introduction Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. It is a global crisis that threatens the very existence of life on earth. Despite the urgency of the situation, there is a lot of misinformation about climate change circulating in the public sphere. Part of the problem is that the issue …

The World of Textiles

colorful image of textiles, yard, sewing machine, playful and fun. World of textiles
February 7, 2023

Textiles are an important part of our world and of American history There was a time not so long ago when textile manufacturing was one of the most important industries in the United States. Today, however, the domestic industry is a shadow of its former self, having been eclipsed by cheaper foreign competition. Despite this …

Are your clothes killing you slowly? A closer look at formaldehyde in textiles

Blue eye on white background Are your clothes preserving you for death A closer look
February 6, 2023

Introduction The textile industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It is also one of the most polluting. The textile industry is responsible for a large number of toxic chemicals being released into the environment – including formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a colorless, flammable gas that is commonly used in the textile industry …

Textile Waste Costs Property Managers in Northern California Millions of Dollars Each Year

image people standing in from of waste
February 4, 2023

Introduction All over the world, textile waste is a growing problem. In the United States alone, it is estimated that around 15 million tons of textile waste are generated each year. A large portion of this waste ends up in landfills, where it takes up valuable space and creates environmental hazards. In Northern California, textile …

The Importance Of Textile Recycling In Improving Urban Communities

The Importance of Textile Recycling
February 3, 2023

The Importance of Textile Recycling As the global population continues to grow, so does the number of textiles produced each year. It is estimated that over 92 million tons of textile waste are generated annually. And with the rise of fast fashion, this number is only expected to increase in the years to come. While …

The Fascinating Stories of the Historic People Who Built the Textile Industry

Historic People of the Textile Industry
January 30, 2023

Summary Historic People Behind the Textile Industry James Hargreaves, Jedediah Strutt, and Sir Richard Arkwright were pioneers in the field of textile manufacturing. Robert Hooke predicted that one day we would chemically create a fiber that resembled silk. In 1785, James Watt invented the first steam engine for a cotton mill. Joseph Marie Jacquard, a …