Bay Area’s Number One Choice for Textile Diversion

Bay Area’s Number One Choice for Textile Diversion

Who we are

Zero Panik

We are a California-owned and operated sustainability-focused start-up formed to promote and facilitate convenient and accessible solutions to increase the collection of recyclable clothing and other textiles, especially in underserved and urban areas.

Zero Panik aims to bridge the gap by creating a sustainable solution for the further promotion of a circular fashion economy. Through connections and partnerships with innovative, groundbreaking textile recyclers, second-hand retailers, and sustainable brands leading the way in sustainable fashion we can create a three-dimensional solution.

What we do

Zero Panik Textiles

Low-income and urban areas are faced with the constant challenge of accessible and convenient clothing recycling in the community. Clothing drop-off bins are few and far between in underserved areas and nearly absent in urban neighbors altogether. Lack of convenient access to recycling bins leads to many recyclable materials landing in landfills.

As residents of these communities, we have carefully planned our textile recycling program with the interest of the communities in mind.

When you place our smart bins in your buildings your residents, students, or employees will feel good skipping the trash and placing clothing and other fabrics in convientiently located textile recycling smart bins.