Our Services include

Post-Consumer Collection↗

Pick-up and diversion services for collected textiles. We collect all types of fabric and textile waste. Unwanted clothing, bedding, linens, rags, shoes, bags, belts, curtains, and other household textiles. We will take all unsellable textiles and divert them from landfills. We offer on-site smart clothing collection bins. Contact us for fee-for-service.

Reuse, Repair, Repurpose↗

We take all your unusable, unsellable and unwanted items. Based on our contract, brand, and partner affiliations some will be repaired and returned for reuse, while others are sorted, and diverted to secondhand retailers, or repurposing specialists.

Recycling of post-consumer threads↗

Alternatively, items that cannot be sent to our partners or resold in secondhand markets either because of proprietary reasons or due to extensive damage are downcycled into shoddy and sold as acoustic barriers and insulation. We are eager to partner with more innovative textile waste processors in the near future.


We know waste management is no picnic and nobody likes digging around in the trash. However we also recognize that proper waste handling saves everyone time and money. Our focus is on textile waste such especially those made and sold as disposable. Many disposable textiles are in fact made of 100% polyester and will live in a landfill for eternity unless we provide education and access to collection and diversion resources.

Can Textile Recycling Save Your Business money? Will a Brand or Retail take-back program boost your sales? Is your business in need of waste management education?

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