Can Textile Recycling Save Your Business money?

Will a Brand or Retail take-back program boost your sales?

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We know waste management is no picnic and nobody likes digging around in the trash. However, we also recognize that proper waste handling saves everyone time and money. Our niche textile waste with a focus on commercial and industrial laundry services. Our goal is to reduce of use of disposables and increase the recycling rates of disposable and reusable textiles, we provide consulting, waste audits, education material, and collection and diversion resources.

Post-Consumer Collection↗

Pick-up and diversion services for collected textiles. We collect all types of fabric and textile waste. Commercial linen and hospital linens, scrubs, surgical gowns, patient gowns, hotel linens, towels, uniforms, unwanted clothing, bedding, household linens, shoes, bags, backpacks, belts, curtains, and other household textiles. We even take unsellable textiles like socks and underwear and divert them from landfills. We offer on-site smart clothing collection bins. Contact us for fee-for-service.

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