Textile Diversion Services

Textile Diversion Services

At Zero Panik, our core business is to provide specialized textile waste management services to the healthcare industry, governments, and property management companies in Northern California.

We accomplish this with our Smart Textile Collection Bins. We make it easy for consumers to recycle their clothes and textile waste. Our bins weigh and track textile diversion, aggregate brand, and retail takeback programs, and aid in the development of zero-waste communities.

By partnering with Zero Panik now, not only will you be helping the environment by recycling unwanted textile materials, but you’ll also be supporting a circular fiber economy and the businesses and brands who are participating.

Textile waste management services

Our Services :

Consulting. Through our zero-waste textile consulting services, Zero Panik provides clients in the healthcare industry, governments, and property management companies with onsite support in Northern California. Contact us for your free 30-minute consultation. With a well-trained staff knowledgeable about waste disposal, our team is equipped to evaluate all your trash and provide comprehensive reports revealing potential areas of improvement. These assessments not only help reduce carbon emissions but also serve as useful points of reference when establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track sustainability efforts over time. Furthermore, Zero Panik will work with you to provide regular sustainability reports and educational materials specific to your business/industry to help maintain these practices.

Textile Diversion Services. Zero Panik is proud to offer textile waste pick-up and diversion services for all types of fabric and textiles, including commercial linens, hospital linens, scrubs, patient gowns, hotel linens, towels, uniforms, clothing, household linens, curtains, and more. We even take unsellable items like socks and underwear and divert them from combustion or landfills. We also provide onsite Smart Textile Collection Bins for convenience. If you’re interested in learning more about our textile collection services, please contact us today!

Help Zero Panik achieve its goal of providing a scalable and effective textile waste solution.

We are excited to announce that Zero Panik is now accepting applications for our Pilot program. Zero Panik is a new company with a mission to reduce textile waste.

Zero Panik’s Smart Textile Collection Bins are a great way to recycle textile materials. Key features include: real-time sustainability reporting and recycling rewards. Our bins can be placed inside Multi-family Buildings (MFUs), hotels, hospitals, business centers, police stations, government buildings, and more.

If you are interested in being a part of our Pilot test program, please contact us sales@zeropanik.com for more information and to learn how you can get involved. We are looking forward to working with you to help eliminate textile waste!