Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. If you need more assistance use our contact form to get directly in touch.

What can I recycle with Zero Panik? Any clean and dry textiles, bedding, linens, hospital textiles, hotel textiles, uniforms, household textiles including clothes, shoes, and yes, even pet clothing. We accept the best stuff and items that are damaged, worn, and torn. 
What happens to the items I put in Zero Panik Smart Bins? Most importantly, they will be diverted from the landfill! Zero Pank will sort by the type and quality of the garment, then we will send it to our partner brands, secondhand stores, repair specialists, up-cyclers, and recycling processors. Everyone has a part to play from manufacture to consumer.
What do you mean by “household textiles”?  blankets, sheets, curtains, fabric shower curtains, towels, rags, fabric table cloths.
What do you mean by “hospital textiles”?  coverings, linens, curtains, drapes, towels, surgical gowns, hospital gowns, caps, masks.
What do you mean by “hotel textiles”?  bedding, linens, pillowcases, curtains, drapes, duvets, fabric shower curtains, towels, rags, fabric table cloths. napkins.
Do you take pillows or cushions?  No, unfortunately, we cannot accept these items
Do you take shoes?  Yes! all types of shoes are accepted.
So you will take “good stuff” and “bad stuff”?  YES
Even my old underpants?  Of course, even your old underwear can be recycled.
Can I get a tax write-off by using Zero Panik?  No, Zero Panik is a for-profit company
Could anything go directly to the landfill?  No, we make every effort to work with companies to give new life to even the rattiest textiles.
We would like to collaborate with Zero Panik. How can we get in touch?  Send us an email at sales@zeropanik.com
How does Zero Panik Rewards work?  Participate in brand takeback programs or receive redeemable coupons from brands participating in our coupons-for-change program.
How can I access my coupons and track my recycling efforts? Your personal profile will allow you to keep track of how many pounds of textiles you have diverted from the landfill, track your coupons and buyback participation, and share your progress with friends on Social Media.
Is there a limit to how many Zero Panik Rewards I can get?  No, you can redeem new rewards every time you recycle using Zero Panik Smart Bins.