Start-Up Initiative

April 23, 2021

Zero Panik Textile Recycling startup is dedicated to sustainability and textile waste reduction efforts.  We recognize that to raise awareness and increase clothing recycling efforts there needs to be quality and easily understandable information available for people to get involved.

Community Recycling and Composting Education Programs

April 23, 2021

Your donations will support a circular economy and help us implement these important programs. Teach Kids To Recycle We are developing a fun and educational program to help kids learn about the importance of recycling, composting, organic gardening, and reducing waste. The Value of Sustainably In this program, we teach individuals about sustainably, why it’s …

Goal: To Increase the Collection of Post-Consumer Textile Materials in California by 200%

goal lettering text on black background
April 23, 2021

Our Mission Our mission is to increase the amount of post-consumer textiles collected from various resources, by providing sustainable textile recycling solutions to residential property owners, retailers, government offices, hospitals, and hotels. Our Goal Our goal is to create easy and convenient access to clothing and household textile collection boxes throughout California. This will increase …