The Textile Recycling Process: From Old Clothes To New Fabric

several images of clothing and a image of a overflowing dumpster
March 14, 2023

Introduction The textile recycling process begins with sorting clothes by fiber type and color. The most common fibers used in textile recycling are cotton, wool, and nylon. Once the clothes are sorted, they are shredded into small pieces. The next step in the textile recycling process is known as chemical processing. In this step, the …

Is Recycling Hospital Linens Worth The Cost?

Is Recycling Hospital Linens Worth The Cost? image of two men smiling and working on a plan.
March 9, 2023

Introduction It’s no secret that the cost of healthcare is rising. In order to offset some of these costs, many hospitals are looking for ways to be more cost-effective. One way that hospitals are doing this is by recycling their linens. Recycling hospital linens has a number of health benefits. It helps to reduce the …

The Surprising Fact About Recycled Cotton Everyone Should Know

graphic of a woman and image of old shredded clothing turned into new fabrics
March 6, 2023

Introduction Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics in the world. It’s used in everything from jeans to T-shirts to mattress covers. But what you may not know is that cotton can also be recycled. Recycled cotton is becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable and eco-friendly fabric choice. And it’s not just for clothing …