Eco-Conscious Consumers Seek Sustainable Options

Today’s consumer trends are shifting and now is the best time to market your sustainable brand. Marketing your brand is an essential part of building brand awareness and establishing a customer base and consistent revenue. Typically most brands spend thousands of dollars a year on marketing. Reaching your target market can be tricky and with privacy laws changing around how personal information is shared between platforms, getting to your target market is not getting any easier. Facebook just announced that with the new iOS 14 update consumers can opt-out of targeted ads decreasing the impact of their dollars.

More people are searching for sustainable clothing brands

It’s no secret that millennials and Gen X’ers are trendsetters leading the way and expanding the secondhand market. While this is true the fast-fashion market is not losing speed. Malls and discount retailers fill the racks with cheaply made, inexpensive clothing, flood the magazines, Instagram pages, and television with commercials. Driven by the need to have the latest and greatest consumers fill the stores buying clothing they do not need, and probably will never wear half of it.

There are consumers out there bypassing the nonsense and seeking sustainable options. Consumer views are changing and as more people want to do better, to do good, to be the change, now is the time to get your sustainable brand out there. You can increase your impact and put your brand in front of more consumers without the hassle of search engine optimization, Facebook, Instagram, or google ads. Advertising your sustainable business on the Zero Panik Smart Bin platform will give you exclusive access to eco-conscious people donating or recycling clothing in our bins, giving your brand direct access to your target market and actively promoting a change in consumer trends toward more sustainable brands, join our Coupons4Change program.

Consumer Trends

The images below show google current trends in people searching for sustainable brands and clothing recyling programs in the United States over the past 12 months.

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screen shot 2021 10 01 at 2.46.04 pm
screen shot 2021 10 01 at 2.46.31 pm