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Goal: To Increase the Collection of Post-Consumer Textile Materials in California by 200%

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase the amount of post-consumer textiles collected from various resources, by providing sustainable textile recycling solutions to residential property owners, retailers, government offices, hospitals, and hotels.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create easy and convenient access to clothing and household textile collection boxes throughout California. This will increase the number of reusable textile materials collected and diverted from landfills.

We provide solutions for reusable and recyclable textiles.

We provide as-needed textile collection services to property managers, residents, and business owners within San Mateo County.  We accept unwanted clothing, shoes, and household textiles.

We offer on-site solutions for textile recyclingContact us to get started today!

Recycling is everyone’s responsibility, just as it only takes one to make a positive change the same is true for negative impact.

-Cristina Trujillo

We aim to start our textile collection program in San Mateo County and expand into surrounding areas over the next five years.

Accepted Recycling Materials in San Mateo County

Paper (clean, dry and unsoiled)Glass (no liquids or food)Metal (no liquids or food)
Bags (paper only, no plastic), cardboard (non-waxed), catalogs, magazines, envelopes, and junk mail, computer and office paper (all colors), egg cartons (cardboard), milk and juice cartons, newspapers, packing or craft paper, Phonebooks and softcover books, shredded paper (in a folded paper bag labeled “shredded paper” and placed inside your blue Recycle cart), wrapping paper (non-metallic and glitter-free onlyGlass bottles and jars only (metal caps and lids too) Plastic (no plastic bags, wrappers, or foam). The material should be CLEAN, DRY & LOOSE! Plastic bottles and caps, tubs and containers (such as laundry detergent containers, shampoo bottles, and yogurt tubs)Plastic buckets
Aluminum cans, foil& trays, caps, and lids from bottles, jars and steel/tin cans, paint & aerosol cans (must be empty or dry), steel (tin) cans,
Current recyclable materials list for San Mateo County, California

Electronic Recycling

Electronics are a hazard and unfortunately, they break often. Did you know it’s illegal to throw electronics in the trash? San Mateo residents can find resources to recycle old broken and unwanted electronics here.