Archive: April de 2021

Start-Up Initiative

Zero Panik Textile Recycling startup is dedicated to sustainability and textile waste reduction efforts.  We recognize that to raise awareness and increase clothing recycling efforts there needs to be quality and easily understandable information available for people to get involved.

Community Recycling and Composting Education Programs

Your donations will support a circular economy and help us implement these important programs. Teach Kids To Recycle We are developing a fun and educational program to help kids learn about the importance of recycling, composting, organic gardening, and reducing waste. The Value of Sustainably In this program, we teach individuals about sustainably, why it’s […]

Goal: Collect a minimum of 2,500 Pounds of textiles every year

We provide solutions for reusable and recyclable textiles. We provide weekly services to property managers, residents, and business owners within the city of San Francisco and surrounding areas.  We accept unwanted clothing, shoes, and household textiles. We offer on-site solutions for textile recycling. Contact us to get started today! How can I safely recycle more? Recycling […]