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The SMART way to recycle

unwanted clothing, bedding, linens, shoes and other textiles.

Benefits of having a bin in your building

schools, apartment buildings, condominiums, prisons, community centers, malls, shopping centers.

Cost Savings

Textile waste diversion reduces your garbage fees and supports zero waste communities.


Active participation in climate change solutions benefits your communities.

Plant Trees

A little extra, for every 50 pounds of clothing collected, we will plant trees in California.

Smart Textile Recycling

Our AI enabled innovative collection bins will reward our patrons for their donations, track recycling efforts - rewards redeemed - and trees planted on your behalf.

Once full this smart system will lock down and notify our drivers for pick-up.

Then the on-screen notice will alert patrons to the time of scheduled pickup and refer them to the next nearest Zero Panik Smart Bin Location.

Smart Clothing Collection Bin Features
What Makes Our Clothing Bins Stand Out?

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