The World of Textiles

colorful image of textiles, yard, sewing machine, playful and fun. World of textiles
February 7, 2023

Textiles are an important part of our world and of American history There was a time not so long ago when textile manufacturing was one of the most important industries in the United States. Today, however, the domestic industry is a shadow of its former self, having been eclipsed by cheaper foreign competition. Despite this …

The Fascinating Stories of the Historic People Who Built the Textile Industry

Historic People of the Textile Industry
January 30, 2023

Summary Historic People Behind the Textile Industry James Hargreaves, Jedediah Strutt, and Sir Richard Arkwright were pioneers in the field of textile manufacturing. Robert Hooke predicted that one day we would chemically create a fiber that resembled silk. In 1785, James Watt invented the first steam engine for a cotton mill. Joseph Marie Jacquard, a …

The Environmental Cost of Cheap Disposable Products

disposable products the environmental cost
June 12, 2022

The term “single-use” refers to any item designed for disposal after one use, such as water bottles, grocery bags, or disposal cutlery. Although single-use items are widely used around the world for household or commercial purposes, they are also common in the medical field, including face masks, vinyl gloves, surgical robes, etc.  Why We Need …

What you should know about recycling used clothing and participating in textile recycling programs.

used clothing donations
July 26, 2021

The fabric and clothing industry is evolving, fast fashion is becoming a thing of the past. Today, many well-known brands are partnering with a recycling company, to reduce the amount of textile waste sent to landfills from the industrial side of the fashion industry each year. But what happens to the clothing that we buy, …

Community Recycling and Composting Education Programs

April 23, 2021

Your donations will support a circular economy and help us implement these important programs. Teach Kids To Recycle We are developing a fun and educational program to help kids learn about the importance of recycling, composting, organic gardening, and reducing waste. The Value of Sustainably In this program, we teach individuals about sustainably, why it’s …